Chamber Music

Seven Tears into the Sea
Clarinet quintet (May 2010)
17 minutes

(Live concert from Crested Butte Music Festival featuring Eddie Daniels on clarinet)


Venetian Moonlight
Piano trio – clarinet in A or saxophone, cello, piano (March 2009)
10 minutes

(Live Version with Narrator Timothy Shew)


Electric violin and piano (February 2008)
15 minutes

Universal Mother
Flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano (December 2006)
7 minutes

Strangely Close, Yet Distant
Piano trio – viola, cello, piano (February 2003)
12 minutes

(Mahler in the Absence of Words – recorded 2012 – Ron Carbone, viola; Sam McGill, cello; Linda Hall, piano)


Vocal Works

Demonstrations of Love
Song Cycle for soprano and piano (October 2009)
10 minutes

Among Late-Blooming Daffodils
Soprano and piano (March 2006)
6 minutes

Orchestral Works

Dorian Gray
Chamber orchestra (May 2004)
10 minutes


What Shall We do for the Rent?
Chamber opera based on painter Walter Sickert (in development)
70 minutes approx.

My Dearest Friend (The Letters of John and Abigail Adams)
Soprano, baritone and orchestra (October 2014)
65 minutes

Excerpts from live concert at Jordan Hall, Boston | October 3, 2014; Sean Newhouse, conductor; Wendy Bryn Harmer, soprano; John Moore, baritone

Introduction (John Adams’ Theme)


How Lonely Are My Days (Words by Abigail Adams)


Prayer for the New President and the New White House (Words by John and Abigail Adams)


Musical Theatre

Imagine the Stars
(in development)
75 minutes approx.

Excerpt from Imagine the Stars: Remember Me
Soprano and piano (May 2003)
5 minutes

Live concert at Carnegie Hall, May 2004 featuring Lauren Welliehausen, soprano)

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